Jenny M.
He has been working on my hip, lower back and neck. I feel a big difference every time I go. He really cares about his patience. If you haven’t tried him. You should.

Hung C.
I totally recommend Align Integrated Health! Not only did they fix my back allowing me to be able to play golf again, they helped me lose over 20 lbs with their detox program.

Annie H.
Dr. Dinh has helped turned my life around. I was constantly having headache and neck pain. After a few sessions, I have had less frequent headaches and neck pain. Please see him before you consider popping a pill!

Michaela P.
Dr Dinh and his staff are great. I would recommend his clinic.

Cynthia M.
I have been with Dr. Dinh office for the last three weeks ,and I am feeling wonderfully. I have seen several chiropractors in the last 10 years ,and not a ones has done anything to help with my back problems. The very first day I came into Dr.D office I was treated like family instead of a patient. Now ,I am in my third week with him, and I am able to do things with my child, I couldn’t do in years. Dr. Dinh and his staff are caring people who wants to help with very step with your treatment. They even call to see how you are during before your next appointment,and after the one you just had with them. Basically , if you looking for a friendly and family environment to come to for your chiropractic come in and see Dr.Dinh and staff. I was able run and play kickball with my that same weekend, at my first two sessions in the first week.

Elizabeth G.
I have been coming in for a couple of week I can actually feel the improvement in my lower back pain.

Yvonne R.
Amazing and educational. Dr Dinh immediately got to the source of the pain. At the end of the visit I was impressed to feel so much better. Thank you Dr Dinh for taking your time with me.

Sandra M.
Dr. Dinh is a wonderful Chiropractor. Very into taking care of the person as a whole not just cracking bones and sending you on your way. He is very attentive to patients and their needs.

Annie H.
Dr. Dinh is awesome. He introduced me to a 7-days detox cleanse that change the way I look and feel. I start out weighing 146. After the 7 days detox I lost 9 lbs. To stay in track I exercise everyday by walking 1-2 hours and cut back in sodas, coffee and sweets. It’s now 2 months since my detox and I’ve lost a total of 13 lbs. I’ve been losing 1 lbs a week just. Thank you Dr. Dinh!!!

Maria C.
Dr. Dinh is great! He helped me lose weight and resolve my back pain.

Nora C.
Dr. Dinh changed my life for the better. Before meeting Dr. Dinh I had trouble sleeping and was always tired at work. After my visit with Dr. Dinh and him setting up on a 7 day detox cleanse, I notice that I was sleeping through the night and when I woke up I didn’t feel tired. On top of that I lost 7 pounds in 7 days !! . Thank you Dr. Dinh for helping me get my life back on track.